Pikachu are a species of Pokemon

Pikachu are a species of Pokemon , fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated TV shows and movies, trading card games and comic book.
They are yellow-rodent like creatures with powerful electrical abilities. Pikachu also has a high level of agility and speed.
Pikachu is well known for its cute mouse appearance, its red cheeks, long ears and tail shaped like a thunder-bolt. Pikachu is small enough to sit on top of the head of a human. Pikachu is a petite, stocky mouse Pokemon that attributes a yellow overall tone of fur with linear brown markings covering its back with the inclusion of a small extra pallet on a tail. It has black-tipped pointy ears and light-red pouches on their cheeks, who store all its electrical charged bolts within the sacs. Its tail is shaped in the form of a lightning bolt.

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